Saint-Ouen flea market walking tour

Question : Which location welcomes around 10 millions visitors a year and whose name is neither Louvre, Versailles or Eiffel Tower and is a great Parisian tradition ? Answer : les Puces ! The biggest flea market in the world is located just off the northern border of Paris, on a neighboring municipality, called Saint-Ouen.

This tour will introduce you to the 15 markets and their numerous shops as they have different prices and products : antique dealers, vintage clothes shops, and much more! You will have an overview of the wide array of markets. As I will also provide you with a map of the market, you will have everything you need to explore the market on your own: whether you are a stroller or a buyer, discoveries are to be made. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a perfect Parisian souvenir !

During the tour we will have an opportunity to sit and relax in some cafés and restaurants inside the Market, “Chez Louisette” or “Café Piccolo”. They are proper institutions rather than simple places to have a drink or bite to eat. Nevertheless, have a seat with me in one of them and feel like a Parisian.

We will start with a stroll in Vernaison Market, probably one of the most authentic of them all! It is so eclectic you will never know what you will find in here, from the most modest item as far as the really beautiful bargain. Most of the time, everything is genuine but necessitates restoration. It’s named after Romain Vernaison. He became wealthy enough to buy thousands of square meters of ground in the northern suburb of Paris and to rent them to pawn shoppers. Thus was born the first flea market. Vernaison’s original job was to rent chairs in Paris ! Another market is supposed to be named after an Albanese prince. You really find a bit of everything here!

Next on our right, the upscale Biron Market. Unlike others, this market arose from a real urbanistic plan. All the stands are ordered on both sides by a long hairpin-shaped alley. All stands are wide and shelter pure treasures: quality old furniture, golden wood, glassware and, earthenware. Indeed, Biron Market is where merchants claim to sell only to other merchants. Here, art dealers and antique shop owners have their market shares!

Then I will walk you to the trendy Paul Bert Market as seen in Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris. From vintage clothes to furniture, from Antiquity to the 90’s, this market has everything to offer. Passionate bargain hunters and many stars as Uma Thurman or Mick Jagger meet here. Paul Bert market is a must-go! Since 1970, Paul Bert Market has the same owner as its neighbor, Serpette Market. This one is more dedicated to pieces from the Arts and Crafts movement through to the 1940’s.

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