Interesting tour of restaurants and markets in the Bastille district. Charlotte was very knowledgeable about foods, bread, coffee, and wine in the area. Very pleasant tour.

B, January 2017

Charlotte was an absolute cracker of a guide with knowledge, enthusiasm and energy. It was great to learn about various French specialities and then shop for myself in the markets afterwards for my time in Paris in my studio. I throughly enjoyed this tour and would recommend this tour and Charlotte in particular as your guide

Alyce, December 2016

We met Charlotte on the steps of th Opera House and she was vibrant and full of information from the start. Our first stop was for coffee and a giant croissant…hint: don’t have breakfast before you start! We then hit the closed market and tasted a variety of meats, terrines and pate. The serves were generous and by the time we had tasted the cheeses we were all full. We finished with a friendly wine tasting which really rounded off the morning. We’d highly recommend this tour.

Featle, October 2016

We very much enjoyed this tour, partly because we are foodies and partly because we like a local explaining things we would normally have missed. Our guide, Charlotte, was wonderful and worked so hard to make sure we had a great day. We only had one other great couple on the tour, so that made it very easy to see and hear all Charlotte had to point out and say.

Richard, August 2016

This was an excellent walk! Informed on many characteristics and idiosyncrasies of the city as well as an introduction to the gastronomical history and characteristics of the Parisians and French in general. Begin with sampling the ubiquitous croissant and being informed about the Bread Culture of the Parisians we moved to the small market sampling oysters and sausage and discussing various foods often eaten throughout France. Moving to a cheese shop we sampled several varieties of cheese and discussed cheese of France. The best at last we visited a boutique wine shop sampling some reds and whites of France. What made this the best was our tour guide Charlotte Maziere. Very knowledgeable, great English, relaxed, and personable. The pace and interaction was perfect

John, June 2016

Excellent tour with our guide Charlotte being knowledgeable and having a good sense of humour. We saw some areas of Paris we would probably never have visited or appreciated fully if we had. Lane ways and eateries and markets etc with all having their significance to Parisians explained. Tastes of croissants best ever, meats, oysters, cheeses and wines. Overall a highlight of our visit.

Herbie, June 2016

Charlotte was fabulous, the food, oysters, strawberries, meats and wine were first class, and plenty of it. We were taken down hidden lane ways which we would never have found, Charlottes knowledge of old Paris was amazing and the small group, 6 in total made it very personal. A must do if you want to explore the food market and learn the history of the Bastille district.

Dharris, June 2016


My wife and I did this tour on New Year’s Day. Charlotte was our tour guide. She was very nice and knowledgeable of the area. It was just my wife and I that day so it was like walking around town with a local friend! The wine stops were nice. Charlotte explained the wines and cheeses as we sat and talked. Unfortunately, we did not get to tour the Basilica because they weren’t letting people in when we got to it. We weren’t sure why. Otherwise this was a nice way to get to see and learn about the Montmartre area through the experience of a local.

Derek, January 2016

We were a small group of four our guide Charlotte, made our tour memorable and entertaining, great way to see Montmartre. Can recommend this tour .

Carole, September 2015


Charlotte was a great guide. We really got a feel and knowledge of the area. Would highly recommend it!!

Mary, June 2015

Tour of the Marais
We thoroughly enjoyed out tour of the Marais with Charlotte, who was energetic, knowledgeable and funny. Charlotte did an admirable job of guiding nearly 30 people through the streets of the Marais, showing us hidden gardens and historic sites we’d never have found on her own. We had teens and younger kids in our group, and she even managed to engage them.

Erwinka, April 2015

Montmartre walking tour fabulous ! Charlotte, our guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and lots of fun.

Gats, March 2015

Mind Blown. shhhhhh don’t tell anybody else….
My guide Charlotte Maziere not only had a great command of the English which was one of my requests, but was very relaxed, soooo easy to have a conversation and a beer with. The weather was spectacular and the afternoon was gone even before it started. The first thing about the tour is that it is in parts of Paris that many Parisians are unaware. I say that speaking to several residents about my experience. You name’s there…I mean not to spoil the fun but sooo much better than London’s street art scene. Take some time out of your weekend, your afternoon and dive deep into the wonderful world of expression and political statements. I look forward to my next trip back and round two of what will be another amazing experience…also bring your camera…not to be missed or in many cases will be missed as the lifecycle of the art has a life expectancy that can not be quantified.

New way to see Montmarte !
I usually visit Montmarte everytime I go to Paris. So I was pleasantly surprised to be taken through interesting small alleys on this walking tour. The tour guide was Charlotte. She was funny and witty – delivering the narrative with wicked humor. You get to see Montmarte through the eyes of a local, even uncovering the 1 vineyard in Montmarte! As Montmarte is the red light district of Paris, you get lots of salacious stories on the tour. Very good and entertaining way to spend 2 hours on a Saturday morning. Highly recommended.

KW_Leong, February 2015

Tour with a native.
Charlotte is a great tour guide and lots of fun. This is not just the well known spots, but information about the area and history.

Doversmom, February 2015

Enjoyable and informative afternoon !
This was a personalised tour. Charlotte asked started by asking what we wanted in particular to see. We ended up learning about both current and historic events. I loved the fact that Charlotte told stories to explain the historic happenings. It was a particularly a poignant tour taking us so close to the Charlie Hebdo offices and also the Jewish quarter.

Dena, January 2015

Notre Dame Cathedral – a fantastic tour and more !
We had a Notre Dame tour with Charlotte, and it was our favorite tour of Paris! She was so nice and full of knowledge. Describing and explaining the cathedral in a very detailed manner, and we never would have picked up on the meanings of the carvings or design work otherwise. We also enjoyed her extra side stories, availability for questions, and friendly personality. So happy we did this tour !

Josie, January 2015

Charlotte is the best tour guide i’ve ever had. she showed a lot of interesting aspects from a local’s point of view, and was very nice and patient, and interesting. I’m a student from the US and spent one day in Paris, and had two tours with her (Trendy Marais and Paris Night tour). I learned a lot from her (although this was the second time I came to Paris), and will definitely go on her tours when I visit Paris again in the future!

AD, December 2014

my wife and I were just in paris, and we had the privilege of also visitng last year. We decided to try a walking tour of Norte dame with Charlotte. She was marvelous, energetic and knowledgeable. She imparted the tour with high energy, engaged and involved the group, and had us laughing. After the tour, two in the group enjoyed her so much that they followed her to her next tour. The next day we were lucky enough to have her for a tour of marais, and at least half the group had returns because of Charlotte.

David, October 2014