Street art tours in Paris

Looked down on for years, street art is expanding all over the world and is now recognized as a art movement : there were the impressionnists, the cubists, here are street artists ! Graffiti and street art are for everyone who wishes to see them. All you have to do is looking up !

We will discover many locals and internationals artists such as Shepard fairey alias Obey, Kasink, Da Cruz, Marko 93, Invader through various techniques used by graffiti and street artists : spray can, vinyl, bike, wood, mosaic…

Street art is visible to and accessible by the general public. Thus it brings great exposure to the artists who express their point of view freely. We will run into strong and involve pieces, often reacting to current events.

We will also discuss the codes and values of street art and graffiti to fully understand and appreciate the current movement and see the streets in a new way !

When it comes to street art, each country has its own specificities. Thus the tour will tackle the history of french street art through various neighborhoods and their development. This tour is an amazing opportunity to discover typical socially and ethnicall diverse parisian neighborhoods.

One of Street Art’s fundamental aspects is its fleeting nature. Pieces and artists on the walls are constantly changing. That’s what makes each tour unique and based on what the artists will leave for you on the wall the night before.

Three tours available :


This typical popular parisian neighborhood is famous for its nightlife, busy streets and cosmopolitan population. Besides it sets the standard when it comes to the parisian street art scene. Artists have been living there for many years, leaving their marks on the walls, streets, cars… wandering through the streets is a real treasure hunts.
We will start the tour with “Le Mur” (the wall), iconic street art spot in the neighborhood : every two weeks, an artist is invited to perform daytime on the wall. We will also walk down Denoyez street, probably one of the most famous street in Belleville, entirely dedicated to street art.

Street art Butte-aux-Cailles/13th district

You will wander the cobbled streets of a provincial village away fom bustle of the city, in the heart of the 13th arrondissement: la Butte-aux-Cailles . Many artissts come here to express their creativity : Stencils, spraycans, sticker arts, mosaiques… you are guaranteed to see pieces on every corner !

This neighborhood is famous among street artists and is becoming an open-air museum as the mayor of the district encourages and promotes street art. The cityhall coworks with the Itinerance galery and local residents who vote so they have their say on what gets painted. They commission worldwide famous artists ( Miss Tic, Jeff Aérosol, C215, Shepard Fairy, Seth…) to do large-scale artwork on the side of buldings.

Ourcq Canal

In the North-East quarter of paris, just streets away from the old Stalingrad wasteland – an iconic spot buzzing with street artists in the 1980s – runs the Canal de l’Ourcq, a famous parisian spot that has grown into a must-see for all lovers of street art today. Graffiti of all shapes and sizes can now be spotted on either side of the canal.

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